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The Netherlands | Frisian Islands | TEXEL

Early in the morning, we arrive in Den Helder to board (by car) a ferry bound for Texel.

Located on the north side of the Dutch coast, Texel is one of the most famous of the Frisian Islands, the perfect place to indulge in relaxation, nature and contemplation.

In addition to us tourists, there are 7 villages inhabited by locals, numerous nature reserves and 30km of the beach from which to observe nature.

We had been dreaming of the Frisian Islands for a few years and this seemed like the right opportunity to finally explore them. Escaping the city we will take refuge for two nights on the island and sleep in a delightful B&B in De Cocksdorp – run by a very kind husband and wife.

We immediately visit Den Burg, the capital, where there are brick houses, and narrow streets full of restaurants and shops. Although it is late in the morning, everything seems to go in slow motion, so we push ourselves to discover De Koog – a long beach bordered by colourful vegetation with lilac bushes.

Many bikes are parked at the entrance to the beach, the verdant dunes make room for the white sand illuminated by the sun, the beach huts follow one another in a row in a coordinated effect of blue and white stripes, the bathers relax at the foot of the sea and we stroll enjoying the fresh air from the North Sea. The landscape and the atmosphere are truly magical if somehow familiar. Walking it is impossible not to notice the thousands of shells that crowd the water’s edge. With bare feet, we feel the cold water that refreshes us and then the time comes to contemplate the sea and listen to its waves.

Around lunchtime, we go back to the village where we find a place to eat choosing among the numerous bars and restaurants. In the afternoon we move towards the wooded area near Den Burg, we walk among the trees and fern leaves, and we meet cyclists and grazing sheep. All this nature has so relaxed us that we decide to take an unusual nap in our bedroom, so Dutch and so welcoming.

In the evening around 7 pm we go out for dinner and to see live the famous Eierland Lighthouse, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama that goes from the North Sea to the Wadden Sea. At 35 meters high the red lighthouse, perched on the verdant dunes, has been watching everything since the 19th century.

We order a light dinner at the restaurant overlooking the endless beach. We also make friends with a local couple born and raised here on the island and they are surprised when we tell them that we came here on purpose to discover Texel, but then nature distracts us once again…

If what we saw today wasn’t enough, we are about to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. The sky turns pink, orange and purple as evening comes. The lights of the lighthouse and the surrounding houses light up, making this moment of unique beauty. We look at it enraptured but find time for a few shots worthy of a landscape painting.

The next morning we have breakfast on the back patio, looking out over the expanse of grass and trees, and listening to flocks of ducks and birds fly over the surrounding marshes.

The sky remains grey for a few hours, but later the clouds give way to the sun as we cross the De Slufter lagoon.

De Slufter is a unique place because the North Sea penetrates the lagoon in an uncontrolled way thus creating a perfect habitat for various bird species.

We walk barefoot on the grass, cross small swamps and finally reach the sand streaked by the gusts of wind. We dedicate the whole morning to this walk that takes us to the beach that stretches as far as the eye can see and although it is a very easy path we feel like child adventurers. It is a true heavenly oasis.

In the late afternoon, we visit the small port village of Oudeschild, another village with boats, shops and brick houses.

Before returning to the hotel to pack our bags, we grab a take away pizza and eat it on the beach because it seemed right to return to greet the lighthouse and the late summer sunset before leaving Texel.



FERRY: There is an efficient service that ferries visitors and cars from Den Helder to Texel. In just 20 minutes and €30/40 (round trip), you can reach it with the service. The timetables are available online, if you travel by car it is convenient to book your seat in advance.

SLEEPING: We slept in a delightful B&B located in De Cocksdorp, not far from the main areas to visit on the island. Hotel Het Anker van Texel is welcoming and run by a very nice couple, the rooms are en suite and well furnished, and there is a living area and patio at the back which can be used by all guests. A hearty breakfast is served in the morning. The price is around €120 per night.

MOVING AROUND: We used our rental car but there are many bike rental services on the island. Visiting it on foot is impossible unless you are an expert hiker.

EATING: According to needs, there are various offers at various budgets. Approximately €25/30 for a minimum of two people should be charged for a sandwich and a drink.

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