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Divided between Europe and Asia, Istanbul opens up to the sky with the peaks of its minarets in a mix of cultures, smells and flavours. And we are ready to discover it all…

The Netherlands | AMSTERDAM

After ten years we return to Amsterdam and we are ready to discover it once again.

The Netherlands | HAARLEM

Terza tappa: Haarlem. Il borgo medievale conserva tutta la sua eleganza olandese. Ma noi aggiungiamo mare e paesino da fiaba.

The Netherlands | THE HAGUE

2nd Dutch Stop: The Hague. Here to discover royal palaces, local history and enchanted views of the city that houses Parliament and the Government.

The Netherlands | ROTTERDAM

The Netherlands: First stop Rotterdam, a tour among old red brick streets, modern architecture and much more…


After a few years of forced break, we return to London to visit again the places of the heart and discover new ones.

SPAIN | Bilbao

A long weekend in Bilbao to discover the capital of the Basque Country and the Guggenheim Museum.


Uh La La Paris: it will be our last French stop. Back to the places we love and ready to discover new ones, obviously walking with an imaginary baguette under our arm.