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Fashion Design

In 2013 I founded a consultancy project for the development of Made in Italy luxury goods. I have teamed up with my friend, colleague and fashion designer Gaia Martelli, and together we have collaborated with several foreign companies from all over the world. 

From the sketch and material sourcing to the sample development and production planning.   From creativity to product management, we got you covered! 

Year: 2013 - 2021
Media: Hand Drawing + Photoshop + Illustrator
Development for: / Saint Lombard / The Resort Co.

© Some images on this page are part of the creative process and product development. Some images, instead, belong to the social pages or website of the brand, for this reason, they are shown for illustrative purposes only and belong to their respective owners. (, Saint Lombard-Canada,


Please note: Contents and notes of technical drawings have been modified to avoid information disclosure.