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Like other cities,Chieti is surprisingly beautiful and elegant, it’s a pity Abruzzo is immersed in a lazy atmosphere.

The scorching August heat and the city center gasp us as we explore the historic center with its many churches. The cathedral, among all, is splendid and sharp but besieged by cars, parked in a huge parking lot.

In the evening we jump on the car to reach the famousCosta dei Trabocchi. These ancient shacks on stilts, overlooking the Mediterranean coast, were the perfect location for fishermen. Over time they have become restaurants, but they continue to have a surprising charm.

As the sunset transforms the landscape, we stroll around to find the most youthful spot in the area, it takes a long time to find it and we end up eating a slice of pizza in an old bar.

The following morning we spend a few hours in Sulmona. The famous city of sugared almonds is as elegant as the others and is distinguished by a non-quantifiable number of confetti shops. The atmosphere is more sparkling and the hustle and bustle of the city is dynamic, the bars in front of the cathedral are frequented by seniors and locals on a coffee break, shopsare busy and, overall, the city looks like a small one little gem.

On the last day in Abruzzo we enjoy a little relax by theScanno lake. Animated by families and children, the summer atmosphere combines reading and naps. The lake – if observed from the top – has a peculiar heart shape, to see it in all its splendor we walk for about an hour and when we reach the top of the mountain that overlooks it, we enjoy a spectacular view.

What we do not expect is the splendid inhabited center of the namesake Scanno village. Perhaps the most beautiful and unharmed post-earthquake old town. The square is packed with people, children play peacefully, teenagers stroll and families relax outdoors on a hot summer evening. We eat sitting at a table in a restaurant overlooking the street and enjoy the food, our chatter and the lively noise of the village.



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